Strokes of Genius 9 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 128 artists selected for North Light Books’ 2016 drawing competition Strokes of Genius 9: Creative Discoveries! If you see your name below, please check your email for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes of Genius 9 Winner Notification” no later than August 31st, 2016.

Please click here to view editor Rachel Wolf’s list of runners-up.


  1. Abbey, Paul | Off Blackhead Trail
  2. Adair, Sue deLearie | Reflections and Shadows
  3. Alvez, Carey | The Calling
  4. Art, Arrachme | Worry
  5. Babak, Olena | Envisage
  6. Baisden, Jeffrey | The Surrogates; Tin Men
  7. Barber, Chantel | What I Kept
  8. Bartos, Andrew | Confidante
  9. Bash, Karen | The Path Not Taken
  10. Bayon, Ana | Edwena
  11. Berry, Barbara | The Prayer
  12. Bosik, Beverly | North Shore
  13. Brochu, Shannon | Morning Shave
  14. Brown, Jan | Structure
  15. Burke, Jessica | Dressed To Kill: Pirate Captain
  16. Chadwick, Rexanne | Smudge
  17. Chance, Anda | Old Timer
  18. Christian, Kathy | Intent – Australian Kelpie Sheepdog
  19. Chua, Carolyn | Rise and Shine
  20. Corlett, Colleen | ‘The British’ Reflection
  21. Coulson, Margaret | Morning Mist
  22. Crawford, Marta | The Thinker
  23. DeWitt, Noriko | Ripple Effect
  24. Dolan, Kathy | Early One Morning
  25. Emerson, Dawn | Day’s End
  26. Faraklou, Titika | The Summer Jason Was Fourteen
  27. Feng, Xiaojing | A Chinese Manager
  28. Fenn, Andrea | The Silver Hoop
  29. Foo, Yuet Yee | A Stitch Back In Time
  30. Frein, Tracy | Claire: Surrender to Darkness
  31. Gant, Tanja | Cinderella
  32. Gehres, Ginger | Feeling Crabby
  33. Gillis, Scott | Chinatown
  34. Golob, Jamie | Tess Turning
  35. Greenberg, Jeri | Life Is Fragile
  36. Griffith, Bonnie | Storm Clouds
  37. Gritsenko, Dimitriy | Searching for Warmth
  38. Grochulska, Agnes | Portrait #14
  39. Grogan, Mary | Borderline Beauty
  40. Gylling, Gemma | Endangered Reflections
  41. Hamm, Peter | Louise
  42. Hansen, Kathryn | Will Work for Peanuts
  43. Hart, Jane | Neighbor
  44. Haskell, Veronica | Summertime
  45. Hassard, Ray | Moving Outside the Box
  46. Heller, Benjamin | Dancing Tarpon
  47. Hester, Sharon | Oh Shenandoah
  48. Hill, Steven | Moody Sol Duc River; Rain, Sun, Rain, Havana
  49. Hubel, Shelly | Priscilla; Sophia
  50. Jenvey, Kate | Gold N Sunset
  51. Judson, Carolyn | Rainy Day Blues
  52. Juska Joseph, Elaine | Coon Dog in the Library Room
  53. Just Brumley, Kelly | Peek-A-Boo
  54. Kingdon, Ona | Act-Ted; Forever and Always
  55. Kow, Sharon | Of Time Long Past
  56. Krimon, Olga | Feathers; Yin and Yang
  57. Lai, Ze Ze | Empty Thoughts
  58. Lane, Jesse | Manifest
  59. Lang, Karen | Stille und Bewegung (Stillness and Motion)
  60. Lazarus, Samantha | Stefan
  61. Lee, Chan Yong | A Slight Slant
  62. Lee, Diana | Camellias Reflecting
  63. Lengel, Deborah | Gestural Drawing
  64. Lesko, Mary Beth | Not St. Bernard
  65. Lesley, Lauren | Falling Water
  66. Lidden, Catherine | Prey on My Mind
  67. Lloyd, Deborah | Invincible
  68. Loli, George | The Towers of Bolognia Italy
  69. Ma, Rongyuan | Raven
  70. Madonna, Marissa | Desarae
  71. Maimon, Yael | Deer, Field of Gold; Outside Wonder 3; Mom Got Me a Goldfish
  72. Mariani, Nancy | Holding the Sheets
  73. Marshall, Pete | Transient Dawn Light. Swamp Paperbark and Sunbird
  74. Martin, Tom | I Am Sarah
  75. Mathison, Jeffery | Climbing the Gap
  76. McCormack, Paul W. | Daniel (Portrait of the Artists Son)
  77. McDonnell, Kathleen | Silence #3; The Sentry #2
  78. Metcalf, Cris | Patrick
  79. Meyer-Plath, Stuart | Pura Desa Ubud, Bali Indonesia
  80. Meyler, Judy | Kesha
  81. Michalowski, Ted | Pink Umbrellas Floating
  82. Miller, Terry | The Sweetest Fruit; Waiting for the 5:38; When the Sun Comes Out
  83. Minardi, Margaret | Red Riding Hood
  84. Mueller, Ned | Rosa
  85. Myer, Colby | White Lightning
  86. Naicker, Talia | Professor Phillip Tobias
  87. Osburn, Harleen | Vases
  88. Pascoe, Cathy | Sweet and Sour
  89. Perkins, Howard | Eurorail 2
  90. Purdy, Andrew | Macalleria
  91. Racine, Denise | Sophia’s frog
  92. Radman, Valentino | Coloratura Soprano
  93. Ragsdale, Kim | Waitin’ on the Boss
  94. Rankin, David | Curious Pelican-Ram; Orangutan Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  95. Rewis, Gabriele Koenig | Charlotte
  96. Reynolds, William Dean | Mysterious Italian with Matches; The Lovely Jungian Analyst
  97. Richter, Jeffrey | Within
  98. Roberts, Tim | The ‘Conductor’
  99. Rudnick Mann, Diane | 8 or 9 Glass Bowls
  100. Ruggles, Joanne Beaule | The Disenfranchised
  101. Sampson, Elissa | Unconditional
  102. Sandell, David | Self Analysis
  103. Seltzer, Peter | Absolutely Free
  104. Shan, Hong | Sea at Night
  105. Shawn, Arena | Repose – Cast Drawing from Life
  106. Shelburne, Carolyn | Dora’s Window
  107. Shinn, Kimberly | Hey! Can I Come Out and Play?
  108. Siegal, Shirley | The Bride
  109. Sin, Oliver | Portrait of Mom
  110. Slade, Donna | Aborigines
  111. Smith, Kathleen | Ready For Take Off
  112. Smolko, John | Deborah (Magistrate)
  113. Spino, Laurene | Red Fox
  114. Spotswood, Cynthia | Study in Silverpoint
  115. Taylor, Nichole | Frozen Light
  116. Tejera, Julian | Portrait of a Shy Guy
  117. Thomas, Katherine | Side Street
  118. Tiessen, Ken | Jonathan
  119. Tilton, Jac | Cosmic Reluctance
  120. Toberman, Anna | Innocent
  121. Trachok, Cathryne | Polyhymnia
  122. Tubiana, Marion | La Naissance d’un Roi
  123. Vigil, Suzanne | Tropical Illusion
  124. White, Marnie | Self Portrait
  125. Winters, Veronica | Out of the Blue
  126. Wood, Carol | Annette
  127. Wycislak, Jon | Turkey
  128. Xu, Yifan | Step

Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture is now available for pre-order!

Cover image:
Cassie  |  Ken Brown
Graphite on smooth Strathmore bristol paper  |  10″ × 13″ (25cm × 33cm)

Visit the North Light Shop to collect the whole Strokes series!

    U4572_Strokes6.indd   strokes of genius 5   Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line    Strokes of Genius 3   Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition    Strokes 1


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Strokes of Genius 9 Runners-Up

Dear Runners-Up,

It is a mark of high achievement to attain runner-up status in our Strokes of Genius competition. We receive many more excellent drawings than is possible to fit into a book and your artwork was seriously considered for that honor. The final cut is based on a number of factors and, by necessity, requires that we cut pieces that could easily be prize winners in many venues.

I hope this is an encouragement to you. Keep on drawing and painting. And thank you so much for your interest in our publications at North Light Books. We could never do them without you!

Best wishes,

Rachel Rubin Wolf

Runners-Up Selections for Strokes of Genius 9:

  1. Agnew, John | New Guinea Crocodile
  2. Almeida, Jorge | Head Study from Life – January, 2016
  3. Babak, Olena | Whispers of Winter
  4. Beaver, Susan | Male Nude
  5. Beaver, Susan | Summer
  6. Beck, Suzann | Dave O.
  7. Brizzard, Chris | Paul
  8. Brown, Ken | Casper IV
  9. Burgess, Joe | I See You
  10. Burkosky, Peggy | Kyla Watching
  11. Cameron, Svetlana | Manx Folk Dancer
  12. Carlson, Derek | Empty Reflections
  13. Carmack, Noel | Kizzie in Blue
  14. Carmack, Noel | Steph
  15. Carr, Jenny | Emily Study
  16. Chang, J.Y. | Easter Brunch
  17. Chua, Carolyn | Give Us Today Our Daily Bread
  18. Csanyi-Hurskin, Eva | Alex At Walmart (Stockbridge GA USA)
  19. Curtis, Cat | Utterly Delicious
  20. Ditri, Jane | Mysterious
  21. Dolan, Kathy | Daisy
  22. Earle, Vicky | Magnificent Hummingbird
  23. Fenn, Andrea | An Elegant Confidence
  24. Finewood, Bill | Storm Blowing Into the Mountains, Columbia Falls, MT
  25. Frein, Tracy | Claire: Bewitched
  26. Gant, Tanja | Ego Sum; Sienna
  27. Gehres, Ginger | Squabble
  28. Givot, Stuart | City Source
  29. Giza, Christina | Misty
  30. Greenberg, Jeri | Wedding Bands
  31. Hassard, Ray | Dan; Joe, Eclipsing
  32. Herrick, Georgia | Choke Bloom
  33. Herron, Chelsea | All the Young Dudes
  34. Hewman, Viveka | The Water Bearer
  35. Hildebrandt, Kathy | First Loves
  36. Hill, Steven | Sol Duc River Morning
  37. Hollander, David Michael |   Beloved
  38. Horng Guan, Ethen Ng | My Pet 18
  39. Howard, Denise | Ready for Winter
  40. Kaman, Tricia | Study of a Young Girl
  41. Kapatkar, Deepali | Ready To Take On The World
  42. Kostak, Ashley | Swan Song
  43. Lee, Chan Yong | Kyungbok Palace
  44. Lieberman, Arlene | All Business
  45. Liu, Ling | Paperclips
  46. Luciani, Tony | Rob ‘n’ Les
  47. Maimon, Yael | A Moment Nap; Loneliness; The Chess Game
  48. Marshall, Pete | Black Swan Lift Off
  49. Martin, Tom | Sarah Sees
  50. McDonnell, Kathleen | Conversations
  51. McGrory, Polly | Shorebird
  52. McNiel Sr., Ron | Meditation
  53. Meyer-Plath, Stuart | Rec Kajeng Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  54. Miller, Terry | L’impenetrable; No Weather for Sailing; Old Lace; Shell Game
  55. Moore, Kevin A. | Primal
  56. Nafziger, AJ | The Future Is Not What It Used To Be II
  57. Nien, Misure | Wall Outside
  58. Palmer, Don | Chrystal Mill
  59. Payne, Jesse | Reluctance
  60. Penny, Julia | Willy
  61. Perkins, Howard | Pebble Beach in Fog
  62. Ramos, Gustavo | The Dream
  63. Ramos Cortes, Albert | Sergio
  64. Rogers, Barbara | Reflections of San Francisco
  65. Romero, Rita | The Writer
  66. Rudnick Mann, Diane | Silverware
  67. Rudski, Joseph | Contemplation
  68. Ruggles, Joanne Beaule | Cloudwatcher
  69. Sandell, David | City Girl 1; Face Masks
  70. Schweser, George | The Old Shed
  71. Shawn, Arena | Enigma – Mask Drawing from Life
  72. Shemo, Lucy | Pensive Profile
  73. Shiver, Donna | The Percussionist
  74. Shoemaker, William | Tipping the Scale
  75. Siniscal, Holly | Andromeda
  76. Smith, Kim | Miss Emily’s Eleven String
  77. Spino, Laurene | Pen + Ink Wolf Study
  78. Spotswood, Cynthia | Quiet
  79. Stergios, Tina | Peacock
  80. Straska, Michal | Looking for Breakfast
  81. Taylor, Nichole | Gathering Pine Ridge
  82. Toberman, Anna | Undeterred
  83. Trachok, Cathryne | Iris in Bloom
  84. Tsakiris, George | Labor
  85. Voshell, James W. | Roadside Puddle
  86. Weddle, Angela | Under the Bride at Commerce St.
  87. Weeks, Arthur | Cat’s Doorstep
  88. Wing Cheong, Wong | Angry Young Man
  89. Wood, Carol | Waiting
  90. Worlein, CJ | Stephanie
  91. Zhou, Xiaodi | Crystal

Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture is now available for pre-order!

Cover image:
Cassie  |  Ken Brown
Graphite on smooth Strathmore bristol paper  |  10″ × 13″ (25cm × 33cm)

Visit the North Light Shop to collect the whole Strokes series!

    U4572_Strokes6.indd   strokes of genius 5   Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line    Strokes of Genius 3   Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition    Strokes 1


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Portraits of the Emanuel Nine: Mourning and Remembering

Celebrating Life and Mourning Loss

We remember the Emanuel Nine through the portraits of nine artists at Charleston, N.C.’s Principle Gallery.

On June 17, 2015, a gunman murdered nine parishioners of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. 
To remember these lives, nine artists worked with Principle Gallery 
in Charleston to paint commemorative portraits of the victims: the Emanuel Nine.

emanuel nine portraits

emanuel nine portraits

emanuel nine portraits

Mckenzie Graham (MG): How did you approach this sensitive task?
Lauren Tilden (LT): It was difficult for all artists involved. While painting my portrait of Susie Jackson, I decided to focus on who she was. Her family said she was a bundle of energy at 87 years. Her favorite Bible verse was Proverbs 22:6, which she often quoted: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Sunday dinner at her house was an event. She had a beautiful smile that could warm a room. These are the things I wanted to capture in paint. I wanted the emphasis of this project to be on remembering these heroic people.

emanuel nine portraits

MG: Did the artists choose their own subjects?
LT: Initially I contacted the families; all of them were enthusiastic and grateful. Principle Gallery and I began the process of matching each family with an artist, based on the artist’s previous work, the personality of the artist and the personality of the subject. Each family was sent information about the artist who was to do the portrait and, if the family approved, the artist contacted them to talk about their lost loved one.

emanuel nine portraits

MG: Was there a private showing?
LT: The gallery hosted a private viewing for the family members and close friends of the Emanuel Nine. Seeing all nine of the beautiful portraits lined up together brought tears to the eyes of many of the families and artists.

emanuel nine portraits

MG: How did you decide on a composition for Susie’s portrait?
LT: I wanted to suggest life and vibrancy, so that dictated how I positioned the figure. The family requested that I incorporate the church since Susie served there so faithfully. I painted receding storm clouds, symbolizing the book of Revelations. As her grandson Walter said, “Her smile radiates in Heaven.”

emanuel nine portraits

This project has revealed a great deal to me about what happens when art moves into the broader community, as it should. It has the power to touch people to the core and offer comfort and some healing; art is essential to the health of any civilization. We artists were attempting to use our craft to combat evil, and I believe that was accomplished beyond our expectations.

emanuel nine portraits

emanuel nine portraits

Lauren Tilden and many of the artists involved in this project have been featured in The Artist’s Magazine. See more of Tilden’s work on her website at

See this article in The Artist’s Magazine’s October 2016 issue and subscribe to receive 10 full issues per year.

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Sculptures and Art From Ocean Pollution

One Man’s Ocean Pollution Is Another’s Sculptures

Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi and the Washed Ashore movement create environmental awareness out of ocean debris and litter in the form of sculptures.

by McKenzie Graham

rainbow parrot fish sculpturesA vacation on the beach is an iconic American getaway. Visions of cottages, crumbling sand castles, zinc-smeared noses and pristine beaches are embedded in our collective nostalgia. The problem with that picture is the pristine beaches: They’re starting to vanish. Pollution washed up from Earth’s oceans litters many of the coastlines some environmental groups are trying desperately to preserve. Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi and the organization Washed Ashore are using another tactic: Create beauty from refuse. They’ve been wildly successful, cleaning some 300-plus miles of beaches, processing 38,000 pounds of marine debris and creating more than 60 sculptures in the 6 years since the organization was created. Pozzi says, “Until we run out of plastic on the beach, we will keep doing our work.”

See the article, plus more, in The Artist’s Magazine’s October 2016 issue! If you enjoyed this article, subscribe for 10 full issues per year.

Visit to see more about the project.

great white ocean pollution trash sculptures

Images ©

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Surface Exploration – Working with Acrylic on Metal

Acrylic artist Darlene Olivia McElroy is a brave and bold experimenter. There is not a surface material or medium from which she shies away, so we asked her: Why work on metal, and what do we need to know before we begin? Here’s what she told us.


Painting with acrylic on aluminum, from the book Alternative Art Surfaces.

Why Acrylic Artists Love Painting on Metal

Metal allows an artist to create a background on a surface that lends a truly unique feel to their work.
– Print: Using your printer at home, you can print on soda tins coated with Golden Digital Ground.
– Tarnish: It’s easy to tarnish metal using gel bleach to stamp or write on the surface.
– Emboss: Give your work depth by embossing the metal to create a raised surface.
– Paint: After preparing the metal surface, reach for your familiar acrylic paint and acrylic paint pens for mark making.

Here’s what you need to know before you undertake your first acrylic on metal project.

5 Tips for Painting on Metal

– Lightly sand the metal surface and wipe clean before painting.
– Sand the backside of the metal before gluing it down to your surface with metal glue.
– Use acrylic glazes or alcohol inks if you want the metal surface to show.
– If your ferrous metal is rusted, use a rust remover then seal the metal before you begin painting.
– Seal your work when finished.

Alternative Art SurfacesFor more creative inspiration and expert tips and techniques from Darlene Olivia McElroy read Alternative Art Surfaces from today! Available in print and eBook formats.

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Jean Haines’ 3 Color Flow Exercises

“The simple art of applying color to paper is enjoyable when there are no high expectations from the results.”
Jean Haines

Jean Haines Haines is an author, international workshop instructor and award-winning expressive watercolor artist whose East-meets-West painting style has been exhibited in a number of galleries and collected throughout the world. She shares 3 simple color flow exercises to help you release your inner artist in the FREE download below. (Excerpted with permission from her new book, Paint Yourself Calm; Search Press, 2016).

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jean Haines’ Color Flow Exercises




R4759The “Loosen Up Your Watercolors With Jean Haines” August 2016 Collection, available exclusively at, includes the following:
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Workout” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Flowers” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Animals” DVD
– Jean Haines’ “Watercolor Mindfulness” DVD
– Jean Haines’ World of Watercolour hardcover book
– Jean Haines’ Paint Yourself Calm softcover book

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Exhibition of the Month: Drawing Cats, Past and Present

Cat lovers rejoice–the Cincinnati Art Museum is currently hosting a suite of exhibitions celebrating feline art spanning thousands of years, and together they are Drawing magazine’s exhibition of the month for August.

Inagaki Tomoo | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Cat Gathering (Night), by Inagaki Tomoo, 1957, color woodcut. All artwork courtesy Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Modern Cat” brings together 20 prints from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection, dating from about 1890 to 1980. The works reveal cats ranging from a slinky Art Nouveau color lithograph by Théophile Steinlen to the whimsical abstraction of Joan Miró. Cats were especially attractive to mid-century Modernists such as Charley and Edie Harper and Inagaki Tomoo. The feline’s quintessential character traits and exquisite form are depicted using a variety of printmaking techniques into compelling, colorful works of art.

Also on display is “Master Cat,” a selection of master prints and drawings spanning several centuries from artists such as Durer, Rembrandt and Goya. Meanwhile “Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt” explores the role of cats, lions, and other feline creatures in Egyptian mythology, kingship, and everyday life through approximately 80 different representations of cats from the Brooklyn Museum’s world-famous Egyptian collection.

“Modern Cat” and “Divine Felines” are on display until September 11. “Master Cats” stays on display until November 14.

Elizabeth Nourse | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Sketches of a Cat, by Elizabeth Nourse, circa 1889, graphite and white chalk.

Rembrandt | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

The Virgin and Child with a Cat and Snake, by Rembrandt van Rijn , 1654; etching.

Inagaki Tomoo | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Nursing Cats, by Inagaki Tomoo, 1960, color woodcut.

Edie Harper | Artist's Network | Drawing Cats

Summer Watch, by Edie Harper, 1981–1982, color screen print,.


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