Connecting With Your Inner Artist – Peace, Love and Understanding

Sometimes we all get so busy with the insanity of work, family and just life in general. I know it can be a real challenge for me sometimes to find the time for art. Coloring books give the chance to tap into that artistic center without having to worry about “what am I going to draw” or “how do I draw this?” The start of a piece is already there for you.

Coloring is a great way to slow down, let yourself enjoy creating something and tap into your inner artist. You can ponder the artistic questions. What colors do you love? Which pieces of art speak to you? What do you wish you could create? What mediums are your favorite? Why?

I love to put on a good movie soundtrack and get in the zone to tap into my inner artist. A few of my favorite soundtracks include The Imitation Game, Pride and Prejudice, Memoirs of a Geisha, Tron Legacy, Gladiator and Amelie. The instrumental music allows me to zone in on what I’m creating. The movements and emotional expressions throughout the songs inspire me.

Think about what songs inspire you. Maybe you find inspiration with an upbeat pop song instead of a movie soundtrack. Try compiling a list of songs or albums that can be your go-to choice for those artistic weekends when you create and find that inner artist voice.

In the Peace, Love and Understanding Coloring Book by Singleton, you can easily get in touch with your inner artist and let the rest of the world fade away, even if it’s just for an hour or two on the weekend. We could all do with some more peace, love and understanding! The book is available now at the North Light Shop, Amazon and wherever books are sold. Scroll down for a free download of a few coloring pages!

Peace Love and Understanding Coloring Book | North Light Shop

Click on the coloring page below from The Peace, Love and Understanding Coloring Book to download a free excerpt from the book with multiple coloring pages for you to print out and enjoy!

Connect With Your Inner Artist and Color! | Peace Love and Understanding Coloring Book

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I am obsessed with water colours and have been painting since I could hold my first brush, I have a huge passion for my own work and others, I love to teach and inspeier others. I'm a very proud Dad with 3 girls and amazing wife who shares my passion for painting.

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