Behind the Scenes of Our 4 New Art Looks

ArtistsNetwork Relaunch

A New Orbit, Good Friends Join Us and the Artists Network Relaunch

Everyone looks at change differently but here at Artists Network, we love it. Mostly because as artists we know that beautiful things (and usually paint-splattered jeans) come out of creative chaos.

I want to take this opportunity to bring you behind the scenes for our Artists Network relaunch, as we push Artists Magazine into an exciting new orbit, and as we welcome our sister sites Artists Network TV and Artist Daily into our world.

Cheers to the efforts of my team — committed to bringing all of us the ultimate experience when it comes to creativity and connection. This process has recommitted so many of us — and I speak for myself the most — to our community: to you, our readers and to you, our artists.

Artists Network is where we now, and hopefully well into the future, can and will provide you the ultimate artful experience. We want to be there for you when it comes to learning the basics of art, exploring ways to be part of this big swirling cosmic cloud we call creativity, and growing individually and collectively in realizing all the fun potential we have as creative thinkers, makers and artists. It’s a journey worth taking. Cheers to this next step!




More Gorgeousness with the Artists Network Relaunch

Who doesn’t love a makeover? At Artists Network we got the opportunity to give ourselves a new look and we jumped at it! Within our Artists Network world we are all visual people, and we understand the power of big, beautiful images … because that’s really what we are here for, right?

As you make your way through the new Artists Network website, take note of all the ways we put art first and make the paintings and drawings the star. It’s what we are meant to do!

Artists network relaunch site example

New & Noteworthy

+Articles and info you want is organized by medium, subject matter, and the creative path you are interested in taking.

+The Gallery feature gives you a chance to look at tons of the awesome artwork from the community and to add your own.

+Ease and freedom to go from the site on your computer and your phone. Mobile users will find the site greatly enhanced!

+Resources that are easy to find. Our Artists Network Shop connects you with the fun, educating resources that learning artists thrive on.


Artists Network and Artist Daily merge

Creative Collectives Merge

Artists Network has always been lucky to have sister sites that support our readers in different ways and at different points along the creative journey. It has been a gift to be able to write the art news and art history stories I love for the Artist Daily community and geek out on all things technique. It has been a gift to be able to offer readers, hungry for learning and art instruction, access to Artists Network TV.

Now my job gets a little less about “go here and there” and more “stay awhile.” That’s because we are bringing our creative collectives together. Artist Daily and Artists Network TV are right here, now a part of Artists Network and just a click away.

We figured since our readers clamor for all of it — all the fun art facts, all the useful art hacks, all the videos that make painting and drawing come alive — why not have it all in one place in order to give you the ultimate art experience?

So if you are mostly familiar with Artist Daily or Artists Network TV, you’ll find that they are all here, simply nestled within our larger art community. But the great articles and fun points of view you’ve come to enjoy are all here, too. It also means that:

+700 feature videos of Artists Network TV are just a click away

+You get the first look and access to all of our latest video releases. Plus premier content, fun interactive features and more

+Fun, trending articles come to you about all things arts and culture from one easily accessible source


A New Orbit for Artists Magazine

Artists Magazine splashy cover with Andy Warhol's Venus

Living an artful life is what all of us do. Artists Magazine has taken that to heart, launching itself into a brand new orbit that touches on all the things we love as artists while keeping close the touchstones of art-making and painting and drawing techniques that we count on.

Matt Rota's illustrations rule in this Pearl Paint article.

Ooh the blue! Bow down to it!

Here’s what you’ll find in the pages:

+Art-making, art prompts, inspirations and fuel for our creativity

+Gems of art history and contemporary art — the art we love, showcased

+Color stories that inspire us to look at our world in vibrant new ways

+Mindfulness and wellness tips and how to lead an artful life

Let’s Celebrate & Stay Connected

Leo is so shiny and Artists Magazine is too

Okay, I have to tell you that the journey to bring you all of these new art looks has been an exciting, exhilarating and exhausting one. But now, party time. Enjoy the new Artists Network. Explore it deeply and widely.

Stop by your local newsstand and ask for Artists Magazine. Seek out the exclusive videos of Artists Network that are right here waiting for you. Reach out to me and the other editors of Artists Network. Let us know what you think: what you want more of and what we can do to support you in art.

Stay tuned for free giveaways and gifts for members that include:

+One year’s free subscription to Artists Magazine

+One year’s free all-access pass to Artists Network TV

+$500 giveaway at Artists Network Shop

+20% off your first purchase at Artists Network Shop


ArtistsNetwork Relaunch

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