If Artists Wrote Country Songs…

Here at ArtistsNetwork.com, we love art humor and funny artist jokes just as much as the next person! Even though you’re probably used to coming here for the painting tips and drawing advice, we hope you’ll get a kick out of this list of fake country song titles. Saddle up, and enjoy!

Funny art humor! If Artists Wrote Country Songs | ArtistsNetwork.com

  • I Keep a Close Watch on This Art of Mine (I Draw The Line)
  • Dag Nab It, I Drank the Paint Water…Again
  • That Burnt Sienna Sunset (Ain’t As Pretty As You)
  • I Can’t Stop Painting You
  • All My Exes Paint in Texas
  • The Way You Glazed, I Was Amazed
  • Stand By Your Pan (Pastels)
  • If Only Time Would Fly While I’m Waitin’ For the Oils to Dry
  • I Saw (Cad) Red
  • Sorry Mama, ‘Bout the Cadmium on My Britches
  • Honey, Baby, She’s Just an Art Model To Me
  • Don’t It Make My Raw Umber Eyes Cerulean
  • We’ll Strip Tobacco Later – I Got a Hankerin’ To Draw
  • The Pencil Shading Shuffle
  • The Graphite on My Hands Lasted Longer Than His Love
  • Like We’re Layered and Scumbled, We’ll Never Part
  • Take This Commission and Shove It
  • I Wanna Be Your Focal Point
  • I Reckon She Uses Photoshop, But She Won’t Say
  • He Drew That Yonder Landscape (But He Won’t Draw Me)

Do you have any to add? Comment below!
Yours in art,
Cherie Haas, online editor

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Strokes of Genius 8 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 131 artists selected for North Light Books’ 2015 drawing competition Strokes of Genius 8: Exploring Texture! If you see your name below, please check your email for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes 8 Winner Notification” no later than Friday, September 4th.


  1. Asmi, Nina – Good Place For a Handout
  2. Baltayian, Cristina – Philodendron
  3. Barrett, Robert – Lizzy; Seated Male Figure
  4. Bayon, Ana – Cristalle
  5. Beasley, Glenn – Emerging Young Artist
  6. Berning, Carol – My Hubby, Vietnam Veteran
  7. Blackell, Margo – The Funeral
  8. Boursicot, Mandy – Boxing Gloves
  9. Breier, Chris – South Grand Island Bridge; Basilica
  10. Brown, Ken – Cassie
  11. Brunk, Cynthia – Sophie
  12. Burns, August – In Retrospect
  13. Cameron, Svetlana – Daniel
  14. Chan, Sok Yin Juliana – Young Memories
  15. Coleman, Karen – Ornamental Grass
  16. Coville, Caryn – Farm Fresh
  17. Creaney, Catherine – Thoughts
  18. Cross, Roger – Peggy
  19. Csanyi-Hurskin, Eva – Power
  20. Darley, John – Putting Away Childish Things
  21. Delonget, Jean-Michel – Dog in Light
  22. Donley, Susan – Goat Friends – Dolly and Charlie
  23. Dorsam, Vickie – More Than Words
  24. Dumas, Michael – Fox Sparrow study
  25. Emadi, Najila – Life’s Journey
  26. Emerson, Dawn – April Fools; Slim Pickings
  27. Felber, Michael – Grandfather
  28. Fenn, Andrea – Andrea
  29. Frech-Sims, Susan – Shadow
  30. Gant, Tanja – Sanctum
  31. Georgopoulou, Irene – Five Bulbs
  32. Givot, Stuart – On the Tide II
  33. Goldsberry, Rick – Real Heroes
  34. Gordon, J. Kay – The Blue Motorcycle
  35. Green, Christy – Breanna
  36. Gussin, Clark – The Patriot
  37. Haase, Cynthia – Peaches and Green Ribbon
  38. Hanavan, Mark – Defense Mechanisms
  39. Hestekin, Jenna – Rooster
  40. Hildebrandt, Kathy – Things Go Better With
  41. Hill, Steven – Kittitas Valley
  42. Hoeffner, Deb – In The Henhouse
  43. Hopkins, Margaret – Waiting
  44. Howard, Denise – Tree of Character
  45. Johnson, Buena – How ‘Eye’ Wonder
  46. Johnson, Mary Jo – Madonna and Child
  47. Johnson, Sonja – Bedroom Eyes
  48. Just, Kelly – The Old Gentleman
  49. Kleczynski, Helen – Porch Light
  50. Klepinger, Eric – Rosie
  51. Kolasinski, Mike Barret – Ady
  52. Kolotusha, Elena – Pursuit of a Dream
  53. Lade, Aaron – Christmas King
  54. Lai, Ze Ze – Give a Hug
  55. Larlham, Margaret – The Drive Home
  56. Layne, Wendy – Hard Times
  57. Lee, Sanghwan – The Pump
  58. Lesko, Mary Beth – Hog Day Afternoon
  59. Lidden, Catherine – Reading the Menu
  60. Little, Jim – Rehab
  61. Maimon, Yael – One Way Ticket to Wonderland #2; Deer, Golden Meadow
  62. Malone, Douglas – Stalwart
  63. Maltby, Carol E. – The Straw Hat
  64. Marshall, Pete – A Bunch of Galahs
  65. Mason, Jory – Lots a Color
  66. Matsumoto, Ryota – Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event
  67. McDonnell, Kathleen – Silence #2
  68. McMorris, Lynda L. – Westie I: ‘Sooooo . . . What’s Up?’
  69. Mendez, Kira – Morning Sunlight
  70. Meyer-Plath, Stuart – Brooklyn Bridge, New York
  71. Miller, Terry – Good Friday Spell
  72. Minardi, Margaret – Octopus
  73. Modery-Kilkeary, Carol – Two Little Stinkers
  74. Molyneaux, Stephen – Figure
  75. Murray, Irma – Sunny Side Up
  76. Neal, Karen – Do My Stripes Look Big In This?
  77. Nicholas-Jennings, Alexandrea – The Fortune Teller
  78. Nielsen, Olga – No Excuses
  79. Nistler, Eileen – Aunt Clara’s Collection III
  80. O’Donnell, Karie – Sergeant
  81. Overson, Yumi – Vision
  82. Page, Chris – Study for Connors
  83. Parks, Sarah – Sunflowers
  84. Penner, Leanne – Surf’s Up
  85. Pertile, Paula – Fried Egg on Sourdough Toast
  86. Pierce, Dylan – Hiding in Shadow
  87. Pini, Jan – Shake It Off
  88. Pomales, Sharon – Little Girl with a Big Guitar
  89. Pyle, Dan – Portrait of a Memory
  90. Cortes, Albert Ramos – Minotaur [Part 1]
  91. Randall, Annette – Let’s Go Home
  92. Rankin, David – Stretching Tiger; Greylag Goose; Woodpecker in Suguaro
  93. Richard, Robert – Flower Girl
  94. Rockwell, Steven – Sentinel (Melissa)
  95. Rogers, Barbara – Timeless
  96. Rowe, Jennifer – Out of the Blue
  97. Ryan, Lesley – The Gift
  98. Sandell, David – Wileman
  99. Schacher, Barb – Doe Pretty
  100. Schaller, Thomas W – French Cottage
  101. Shiver, Donna – Hillary
  102. Shoemaker, Bill – Lady in Pink; Did You Floss Today?
  103. Siniscal, Holly – Waterlily
  104. Smolko, John – Fran (Artist)
  105. Soisson, Dianna Wallace – Beyond All Boundaries
  106. Sours, Meghan – The Cold Earth Slept Below
  107. Spontylides, Christos – Dominique
  108. Stephenson, Mark – Dreaming of Dance (Life Drawing)
  109. Swann, Christine – Trail
  110. Tablante, Jimmy – Three and Half Hour Sketch
  111. Thomas, Katherine – Out Of Season
  112. Tilton, Jac – Cosmic Irrelevance
  113. Tomova, Lyudmila – Careless Nation
  114. Trachok, Cathryne – The Muse
  115. van Zwol, Nynke – Micro Desire II (Antarctic Krill)
  116. Vella, Frances Gulliverv – New World of Discovery
  117. Vigil, Suzanne – Pensive
  118. Voshell, James W. – Snake Skin
  119. Walker, Erica Lindsay – Braid
  120. Walker, Brooke – Elephantidae
  121. Weiner, Sandra – Strength at Rest; Vigilance
  122. Wells, David – Alexandria
  123. Werner, Jerry – Spatial Ambiguity
  124. White, Marnie – Laurie
  125. Wilda, Steve – Brutes
  126. Wilson, Richard – Dancing Shadow
  127. Wint, Albert – The Phone Call
  128. Winters, Veronica – Adolescence
  129. Woods, Brandy – Memory of Me
  130. Wright, Diane – Indiana Barn
  131. Yan, Wei – A Puppy

Strokes of Genius 7: Depth Dimension + Space is now available for pre-order!


Cover image:  Recycling?  |  Michal Straska |  Pencil on paper, 15½” × 23½” (39cm × 60cm)

Visit the North Light Shop to collect the whole Strokes series!

U4572_Strokes6.indd  strokes of genius 5   Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line    Strokes of Genius 3   Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition    Strokes 1


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Insider Secrets Masters Use to Turn Photos into Art with Sandra Angelo | Artists Network Online Event

In the recording below, world renowned Portrait Master Sandra Angelo, reveals magic formulas that separate a Masterpiece from a ho hum drawing that copies a photo exactly.

Get a sneak peek inside her brand NEW Home Study Course,
Puppies & Kids: Turn Family Photos into Art – Graphite & Colored Pencil Projects.

Sandra Angelo’s 7 Magic Masterpiece Formulas:EPSON MFP image
· What to leave in, what to leave out
· How to combine photos for better art
· How to go beyond the photo
· 7 Secrets Masters use to compose award winning art
· Insider tips – Masters’ methods that make a graphite drawing look way better than the photo
· How to draw fur, how to draw eyes, how to draw hair, how to draw faces and more
· BONUS Colored Pencil Lesson – Sandra’s Magic Grisaille Method

In this webinar Sandra reveals:
• How to make your drawing better than your photo
• How Masters compose with a camera to save drawing time
• Magic methods that turn anyone into an artist… FAST!
• Secrets for shooting photo references that almost draw themselves
• 3 Inherent flaws in photos and how to correct them in your drawing

A Portrait Master who coaches Apprentices daily on 3 continents, Sandra Angelo specializes in taking complex classical concepts and making them so simple that you can master art in days instead of decades. You’ll see inspiring work from her students whose work has been transformed.

This presentation wraps up with a Q&A session.


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Pastel Pick of the Week: Top 5 Reasons to Enter the 17th Annual Pastel 100

The final entry deadline for the 17th Annual Pastel 100 Competition is this coming Tuesday, September 1. That gives you the weekend plus 2 days to select your latest, greatest work in pastel (or to finish and photograph the masterpiece on your easel) and enter it into the competition by end of day Tuesday at the Pastel 100 website.

Why enter? There isn’t just one reason, of course. There are many! Here is a list of five:

  1. The chance to earn recognition for your artistic efforts. It’s a wonderful thing to have painted a successful work of art, but how much better it is if that successful piece gets recognized as one of the top 100 pastels by Pastel Journal—and then appears in the special Pastel 100 issue for the wider pastel community to see!
  2. OK, maybe the only thing better than #1 is to receive the recognition PLUS a cash award or material prize! In the 17th Annual Pastel 100, the recipient of our Pastel Journal Founder’s Award, given in honor of Maggie Price, receives a cash award of $5,000. The winner of the Pastel Journal Award of Excellence receives $3,500. And the recipients of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards receive material packages (generously sponsored by Jack Richeson & Co.) and are made up of Richeson/Unison pastels and surfaces valued at $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 respectively. The 1st through 5th place winners in each of the five categories receive material prizes valued at $500, $350, $150, $100 and $75 respectively. Those category prizes are provided by our other wonderful sponsors: Canson/Rembrandt, Great American ArtWorks, Terry Ludwig, PanPastels, and UART.
  3. Even if your work is not one of the 30 that earns a prize award, all 70 Honorable Mention winners are works that caught the eye of the Pastel Journal editorial team and our panel of Pastel 100 jurors: Terri Ford, Mario Robinson, Robert K. Carsten, Mike Beeman and Barbara Benedetti Newton. And all 70 paintings will be published in the Pastel Journal magazine’s special March/April Pastel 100 issue.
  4. Anyone who enters the Pastel 100 today through September 1, 2015, will receive a special coupon code in their email entry confirmation for an extra 15% off your purchases (with a few limited merchandise exceptions) at NorthLightShop.com.
  5. Anyone who enters today through September 1, 2015, will receive a discount on membership to ArtistNetworkTV, which provides access to video pastel tutorials by a number of great painters, including Richard McKinley, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Alain Picard and many more. You’ll get your coupon code in your entry confirmation email.

Now that you have five great reasons to enter, don’t delay any longer. Visit the Pastel 100 Competition page to enter today! Maybe your latest achievement in pastel will end up here …

PAstel Journal April 2012

April-2015-pastel-journalApril 2013 PAstel Journal


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Let’s Talk About the Focal Point in Art (Part 1)

During my years of experience I’ve noticed that many artists tend to ask what my focal point will be before I demonstrate a painting. Fortunately there’s a universal answer to this. For there to be a focal point, there needs to be a peripheral area that’s not that much in focus. If everything is in focus, then the focal area becomes weakened. What is the focal point in art, therefore? The focal area is considered the predominant place where the eye enjoys seeing:

  • The most value contrast (dark against light)
  • Color contrast (chroma versus grayness, red against gray)
  • Hard edges (agrees with the fovea of the eye)
  • Detail (complexity of shape)
  • Warm colors (yellows and reds attract the eye)
  • Texture
  • People, animals and vehicles, which become strong focal points even if they’re small
  • Anything that is peripheral and is not included in the focal point will consist of low value contrasts, low color contrasts, soft edges, simplicity in shape or the lack of detail and, when applicable, the colors will be less saturated. This should be even more taken into account near the edges of the painting, which I refer to as the “peripheral area.”

The focal point isn’t just wherever the eye chooses to see. In paintings, we don’t want the eye to just choose to see what it wants to look for. On the contrary, it’s the painter’s responsibility to direct the eye, to orchestrate its movement within the painting through the usage of linear paths. After the artist has manipulated the viewer, they reward him/her using some or all of the elements mentioned above.

[Get your copy of Landscape Painting Essentials by Johannes Vloothuis here!]

Most artists will agree that there are four options to place focal areas in a painting. Which is the best? The top right gets 5 stars because we read left to right.

What does focal point mean in art | ArtistsNetwork.com

A focal point should not be overstated; neither should the viewer make a wild guess to determine it.

[Free download! Landscape Painting for Beginners: Tips on Composition, Painting Trees, and More]

Focal point art examples, by Johannes Vloothuis | ArtistsNetwork.com

Above, left: Here is an example of a painting with a strong focal point. We must be careful. We can overstate a focal point and the eye does not feel compelled to move around to explore.
Above, right: In this modified version we have a more subtle focal point and the eye does not feel glued to the orange evergreen tree.


“Landscape Painting Essentials” and other video courses are available at NorthLightShop.com. North Light has also just released a new eBook written by Johannes titled Landscape Painting Essentials. Join his online art classes at http://improvemypaintings.com.

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